lifes little journeys

lifes little journeys

When like shipwrecks you

People find themselves shipwrecked without any means of surviving. Life continues to throw curve ball at many of us. Solutions are far and few between. What we must do is become creative thinkers. Creative thinkers look deep inside the picture and provide reasons why the boat is docked on dry land, ask the question who was in the boat? And where are the people? And, yet not one would agree that there are significant issues affecting our lives and success. Many of us desire the path of least resistances because it is thought to be easier less challenging. I disagree it is a trap. It you are drowning it would be nice if someone threw you a line. The picture tells a thousand words. If you look at the sky, you’ll see the ending of a storm, such as the storms in our lives, like financial, relationship and individual storms, storms that leave you feeling shipwrecked. How, do we decide to move through the storms of life and not becomes shipwrecked? We must first understand the following: There are self-imposed storms we can control, and life storms that we can not. It does not matter which storm affects your life but it will matter how you deals with it. Louisa May Alcott said, I am not afraid of the storms for I am learning how to sail my ship. The key to mastering storms is when we learn not to be afraid while we weather the storm. We all at one time are another said if only I did…but if only you did not travel the path you’ve traveled you would not learn from your storm. Let me encourage you today, whatever you are going through know this storm shall pass. We must learn not to be afraid and learn how to sail again.


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