Walking into a room of motivators

What motivates your success? It’s a question that I ask often. Some are motivated by money but, there comes a time when helping others should motive you. There are those who are self motivated and others who are not motivated by anything. What causes lack of motivation? What strategies do you use to motivate others in your business and personal life? Tips on motivating others: availability, competency and leadership.

Availability involves a since of commitment to someone or something. It means you are reliable and accountability to those in need of your guidance. Can you recall abandoning a group or individual after committing to a task? It creates mistrust and leaves individuals and groups feeling lost. It is important to check in with your Business Affiliates periodically because they need guidance and support. Stay comitted to your group. Another area many of us fall short in is competency. It is important to Know what you are doing. It is equally important to understand the aspects of your business, so that you are able to demonstrate to others, like login. This can become very frustrating to new affiliates of any business. Do you know that many businesses send a link to your email to confirm your login? You usually need to clink the link and then change your password once you have completed that process. When I first started I copied and pasted my temporary password because each time I typed my temporary password l could not login, boy I wanted to scream . The next competency included navigating through your back office. So much to learn, setting up your about me page, entering your business links can drive you crazy, but it is necessary to develop your independent business. Last but not least building leadership through example. Everyone knows affiliate marketing requires sharing your business with others, down lines and up lines, levels and upgrades. Leaders understand these concepts. Ever business requires an investment monetary and time. When you invest in yourself, you become motivated. When I joined internet marketing I knew it would be a small investment .. There were no discussion I knew once I joined that it was necessary to upgrade. The vision developed in my mind motivated me as a leader. Leaders must lead by example. Competency, leadership and reliable are motivating factors to share with each person that joining your business.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady


10 responses to “Walking into a room of motivators

  1. My biggest motivation and inspiration is my family specially my mom and my hubby. They always stand by me, motivate me when I feel low. I’m blessed to have a loving family 🙂


    • Priya thank you for sharing who motivates you. My parents who married at 16, 61 years have been my motivators my spouse and 3 sons inspire me. I think it’s important to have a cheering squad too. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. You shared some valid points. Especially the dedication part. We try so hard to become successful we forget the small stuff, which is paramount to our business. Thanks for sharing this post.


  3. Hello,

    It’s all about dedication. If you can’t be dedicated you won’t get what you want out of life. I am a huge fan of Les Brown. I remember watching this video awhile ago, very motivating!


  4. It’s my experience that those who say they are motivated by money alone are not successful in the long run. To be successful, we need to have a passion, a purpose. Once we figure out what that is and we put our time, energy and positive attitude toward fulfilling that purpose, success and happiness are the result. Your passion and energy to achieve your goals to fulfill your purpose will help motivate others around you as well.


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