Lift up your head its required


I just wanted to write this evening. In my mind I thought sometimes its nice to encourage each other through our words. This is a perfect time to share  what is happiness? It’s a question that many ponder everyday. Happiness begins with ones definition. For me happiness is watching my husband smile after a long day at work, seeing our amazing 3 sons live dreams.

There are others that find happiness in watching a favorite pet jump up in their lap and wag its  tail with excitement. The one thing I’ve discovered in my definition of  life, is  we have choices. The choices we make will determine the direction we take. It could be the road of unhappiness, so easy to take when tragedies and despair visit so often, or we can choose to take life’s trials turn them into something good and not let it take whole of our journey.

This journey call life can toss us to and fro but, we must believe there are better days ahead. I define happiness as a state of mind, inside an unexplainable feeling of joy that others see and desire.   In 2014 define happiness and go after it, turn your sorrows into Joy. I have decided to tag on to happiness in 2014 no matter what life throws my way. How about you?

Carolyn Coleman-Grady


6 responses to “Lift up your head its required

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    Over the years, I’ve shared with people to learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had. Thanks for the great post Carolyn!


  2. Hi Carolyn

    I do try wherever possible to find something positive in everything. Sometimes it is difficult to see at the time, especially with some of the atrocities and corruption in the world, but if we let things wash over us without dwelling to heavily it the message then I believe it does enter our psyche and will ultimately lead to our personal happiness xxx


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