Bridging the gap between Adversity and Power Where are you?


Abraham Lincoln
Nearly all men can stand adversity. But if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

Standing in the face of adversity is quite challenging for many. We have implemented multiple strategies to move around and away from it. Some of us succeed and many fail but, what about those who transform their adversities into power…. What happens to the character of a man? The chose is really simple, we could choose to empower others through our experiences and knowledge or over power others with ridicules, quick sarcastic responses, and create an emotional spectacle of the remainders. Many who receive power creates for themselves what I call puffing up suit, this suit allows their heads to grow bigger than one could imagine. Their attitudes, believes and way of thinking often change. They sit in their big chairs and direct people with tones that demean and butcher the spirit of a man. Their character changes minute to minute and it is difficult to determine what one will hear from their mouths on a daily basis. Executing power is with these qualities: Fairness, Honesty, a Serving heart, Available, Willing to make decisions that benefit all involved, eliminating favoritism, and partiality. The character of a man transforms power into success. With the right attitude we all can do valiantly. 

Bridging the gap between adversity and power begins by understanding who you are as a person. It requires examining how you handle tough situations, decision-making abilities, and how you deal with conflict between others. I am sure there are others gaps. The question becomes how will you handle this situation: You are asked to choose six employees to downsize in other words fire them. One of the employees is a friend of yours hired once you were promoted. The other five helped develop the company and have remained loyal for many years. What will you do? How does one make decisions without wavering? one school of thought is your yes must mean yes and your no’s must mean no. Only the sea waves back and forth.  Our decisions must be made by validated data coupled with experience in what works. Our decisions must begin on a foundation of solid rock. It is here where I decisions are solidify and then we have the power to move mountains.

Dealing with conflict: Do you run away when conflict knocks at your door?  Robert Frost said this:The best way out is through. Critical Thinking skills an important attribute to our character.

Power is as good as the one who holds it:

I am Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Be Encouraged


6 responses to “Bridging the gap between Adversity and Power Where are you?

  1. Grabbing a hold of your power and taking control is where it’s at. We all have it inside ourselves. How we do it for the greater good is what matters. Thanks for the inspiring post!


  2. I used to think I had a tendency to run from adversity. Then one day a friend pointed out to me different times that I stood up to adversity, even challenged it, and went right through it — and survived! After that realization, it opened up a whole different thought pattern for me. I wasn’t the coward I make myself believe I was. My world change. Thanks for sharing your post. It reminds me to step up to another level. Peace.


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