Primary enthusi…

Primary enthusiasm

Enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things: first, an idea  which takes the imagination by storm, and second, definite, intelligible plan for carrying that idea into practice. -Arnold Toynbee When is the last time you had an idea which excited you to the point you could not sleep. An event or business venture, I’m sure you can think of many. Some things an idea takes you by storm and all the intricate parts come so fast you can not write them down fast enough. Putting your idea into practice is an important part of the plan. For example, imagine the excitement of finding key words. I get exited I had to learn this:

Why are Keywords Important?

Keywords are very important in Internet marketing because it allows marketers to know what people want. As we all know, that kind of information is worth a lot to marketers! Even off-line marketers benefit from knowing what people search on the Internet because it provides an insight into consumer desiresand wants. What about the idea of RSS feed what does this really mean: RSS Feed 

RSS feeds are another great way to get links back to your site while automatically increasing your search engine rankings. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Basically, the idea is that your blog can be subscribed to by other website owners who can pick up content from you and host it on their websites. When your content appears on their website, any visitors they get can also read and subscribe to your RSS feed.Your content will always have what is called “back links” included in it. The back links will take people back to your blog.  This multiplies your online presence thereby increasing your search engine ranking. Once your RSS feed is set it up it will automatically update anytime you make a post to your blog. Just put the RSS feed plug on your blog so people can start subscribing. The more subscribers you have, the more targeted traffic you will generate. Understanding search engines can be challenging it takes time to grasp this concept.
Search Engine Marketing

If you are looking to develop FREE ongoing traffic to your website you will want to have a basic understanding of how search engine marketing works. Most Internet users employ search engines as the leading source of gathering information about any topic. They Google it.

Increasing your search engine rankings can dramatically increase traffic to your website or blog.  You can either pay money doing pay-per-click methods or you can optimize your website or blog to generate free traffic organically or naturally.  The most effective ways to increase and achieve higher search engine rankings, and in turn generate more traffic to your websites is through understanding how it all works.

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5 responses to “Primary enthusi…

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    It just shows that it doesn’t take much to generate traffic. You do a few simple things each day, and be consistent you’ll be getting traffic to your site in no time! Thanks for the great post!


  2. You have a great point. Some of those who are writing fail to put an RSS feed on their blog or even know what one is. Always give the option for the reader to opt-in to future posts, and this is where your traffic will begin.


  3. Great article, Carolyn. All you say is true — keywords, RSS feeds, and Search Engine Marketing are all equally important. It’s an ongoing process, something that must be done on a regular and consistent basis, but you will reap the rewards, which is more traffic, more sales, more sign-ups, whatever it is that you’re after. Thanks so much!


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