Bridging: Not the tooth but the Future


I love this quote by Alex Haley. It is challenging for many of us to conceive that family effects out past and our future. Our future consist of both negative and positive examples.  How does one bridge the gap between negative and positive influences? Are there any experience you can share?

How does a child who hears adults say you can do that, it will never work see a hopeful future. Where will the child receive a future that looks hopeful? When we become adults, what we hear and see influences us. This could explain the attitudes of many adults who have remained negative. The consequences are devastating, opportunities are limited and solutions are few.

Bridging the gap between our past and future is important. We must seek positive mentors in our lives. If there ate none in our families then seek outside the family. Learn and put your future into action. Making a decision  not to follow family behaviors that traumatized your future. Strive everyday to bridge the gap between negative and positive living because, your future depends on it. I recall a conversation with a young man whose interest included owning his own bike shop, his father was an independent business owner for many year. His father owned an Exxon gas station for over 20 years. He destroyed this young man’s dream.

Now an adult this young man has difficulty with trusting his decisions, questions his choices and seems to seek approval. The words resonate in his mind. What we must remember,  words bring life or death, it’s the power of the tongue that creates disaster to ones future.  It’s that old cliché , so a man think so he is. Speak life into others at all times prevent the risk of deadlock futures.

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8 responses to “Bridging: Not the tooth but the Future

  1. As a parent now, I look back on what I have been through and what I have accomplished now. My parents always told me to do what I feel would make me successful. I do that for my son today as well. Saying no at times without realizing it can affect your children and or family in the long run when the do get older. Great advice. Thanks for sharing.


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