Around the World: Changing one at a time





Roger Williams
The greatest crime in the world is not developing your potential. When you do what you do best, you are helping not only yourself, but the world.

This is an amazing quote by Roger Williams. He states not developing your potential a crime what a thought provoking statement. Developing is a powerful word, it requires expansion, growth and spreading. The question becomes, is it important to grow and expand? And, what tools are needed to facilitate this new growth. For example, lets take a car engine, to develop parts of the engine you need a trained person an expert to demonstrate, guide and instruct on the process of building an engine. Lets take a Block, it is the main artery of the engine if the block is clogged with sludge it will prevent the engine from performing. In order for your new engine to get started the sludge must be cleaned out by a process know as a vacuum flush. To ensure the engine is adequately cleansed one must develop skills and understanding in the process of de-clogging sludge. 

Expanding and spreading  knowledge to others is so exciting it has become viral.


When everyone works together, people are transformed, and it is then they to reach their greatest potential. We need to erupt, spill over with knowledge on self-sufficient care, developing avenues that bring joy to our lives and yet make others happy along the way. Lets take a simple plant. We take a pot, dirt, seeds and water. There is preparation in planting the seeds, you will good ground, adequate space and watering. We must remember behind every good plant is good soil. Now, you may ask how do we save the world? My response is one person at a time. In this journey called life, it is important to develop the right attitude and behavior. When you think about it watching the smiles on others faces warms hearts.

The key to anything is doing our best. Growing, developing and expanding creates an avenue to spread our wings in any direction we choose. Forrest Gump said it best, “Life is like a box of chocolates you never now what you are getting.” It’s true only way you’ll know is to get in the Sees Candy line and order what you want. But, when a box of candy is given as a gift, we bite the corners, squeeze and even smell to see if its nutty, and filled with creamy treats. It is important to develop or potential and never give up no matter what life throws our way. Today challenge yourself to develop your potential and expand your wings. 

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady


9 responses to “Around the World: Changing one at a time

  1. So, true on so many levels. We never know what we are going to get out of life, all we know is that we are here and we have to make the best of it.


  2. This is definitely a great post Carolyn and I enjoyed the illustrations with the plants so people will relate and understand your message. ~Terri Pattio – MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant’s heart


  3. This is one of your great post Carolyn. I can’t stop my self to drop a comment here. Many people are forget to help others who really need. Thanks Carolyn for posting such a good post.


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