Two Roads diver…

Two Roads diverged a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, And that has made the difference -Robert Frost

Image entering the National Forrest tall trees, covering the sky, and you reach a fork in the road, how do you determine which road to take? How do you decide the road that is less traveled? Many people travel the road that everyone travels doing the same thing that others do never finding their way through the crowd. The road less travel may have a surprise waiting for you. Our imagination must broaden to see those things which are unseen. The challenge becomes, the fear to travel alone without mapquest, Iphones or tracking devices. Traveling a road that is cold, dark and without the absurdity  that on the other side is success. We must take chances, taking chances can create anxiety and frustration but, if you put these to emotions aside and envision your success, that cold dark road becomes filled with what I call the traveling light.

Just image along the way another person meets you midway sitting against the tree and he says, “Why are you traveling this road? there is nothing here for you, do you turn around and go back? what if you decided to continue your journey, and say this little buffer will not stop me from reaching the end of this road. As you travel this road a few yards later another man sitting on a bench says, I hear you are chasing your dreams, get going and don’t stop I’m encouraging you to go after your dream. Sometimes, we need encouraging words that challenge us to continue, and not quite. I believe it is important to develop self-empowerment but, it is equally important for others to encourage and empower us along the way. We must begin acting like who we aspire to be. Select the road less travel just might be what is needed in this season.

Here are a few tips to remember traveling the road less travel


Have Courage

Be Strong

Never Give Up

So put on your walking tennis shoes, grab a bottle of water, take a protein bar and a light sweater and go on your way I will see you on the other side. The side of the traveling light.

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady


10 responses to “Two Roads diver…

  1. “We must begin acting like who we aspire to be.” I totally agree. Fake it till you make it and eventually you’ll have the thing you focus your energy on.


  2. I love this concept Carolyn! We should always follow our dreams no matter what road we take. The good thing is if we get on the wrong road we can always turn around and start again.


  3. I love this article! I tend to take the road less traveled, much to the astonishment of friends and family. Sometimes it takes me to wonderful places in life, sometimes not, but at least I try and persevere. Thanks, Carolyn. Nice!


    • Jeanne I too have taken that road and found wonderful and even disturbing events but, I would not change most of my experiences. Thanks for your comment I appreciate your time.


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