8 Investment Tips for 2014

This is an excellent video it is short, but full of valuable content. It provides you with upcoming trends to secure your future. Like planning retirement, Roth IRAs, and 401k. If you are not pumped up now by watching this amazing short video then the question becomes: What really motivates you? This video recommends using commodities to beat inflation, Pay attention to big themes because they are what will help you earn 10x your money (this sound great to me).

Seek convertible loans is one of the recommendation. What are your thoughts on convertible loans? Their thought, we would share in the upside. The greatest tip in my opinion in this video is “BE PATIENCE.” I do not mean to scream but, many of us never follow the advise on being patience. The efforts you make today will contribute to your success tomorrow. We have to learn to stop spending money on things of no value.

This video reminds us of Enron reduced the company stocks in the 401K, and destroyed the future of many. Warren Buffet says it best, follow lesson tip one never loss money, and second tip follow tip one. This guide from Forbes investment is packed with simple tips. I Hope this video sparked your interested in planning and securing your future.

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady


4 responses to “8 Investment Tips for 2014

  1. Excellent blog the information caused me to thinking about the future as it relates to financial future


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