My Way: What if you decided to do it your way

Frank Sinatra tells the story on doing it his way. He explains his travels through the byways and even the mistakes he made during his Journey. What I love about this song is his statement, I did what I had to do, he plan each course with little regret he did it his way. I’m sure there was times he bit off more than he could chew but when it was all said and done he did it his way. Many of us have made detour in our pursuit of happiness some we have regretted and others we have not. There are many experiences in both.

I can imagine Frank Sinatra traveled many road, and many of them during dark times in his life. We may not all sing, but we all make decisions. When decision are made, we must believe it is the best decision at the time. What recent decisions have you made that caused you to regret? I guess Frank Sinatra is saying there may have been some bad decisions along the way, I may have bit off more than I could chew but, in the end I did it my way. I believe this is important, to evaluate our live and experiences along the way then make the best decision.

Wendy Williams of the Wendy Williams show mentioned how she decided to pursue her career despite her families disapproval. She said, “I need to do it my way.” Sometimes we need to follow our dreams. Stay focus and do it your way no regrets by

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady


6 responses to “My Way: What if you decided to do it your way

  1. If not our own way, then who’s? We either live someone else’s dream, or we live our own. Too often we let our dreams go in order to please others. Not me! I’m doing it my way. Thanks, Carolyn!


  2. I don’t believe in working someone else’s dream. I did it for too long for someone else, but now I’m living my own dream! Thanks for sharing the great music video!


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