Have you heard your state of mind captured this?

Have you heard your state of mind captured this?

Your state of mind will determine the events of the day. Have you every entered an elevator and no one says a word. How does this make you feel? Faces are looking forward no smiles just silence a bit uncomfortable. But then some enters and says good day. What causes us to become so uncomfortable? The energy is just dead. A clear state of mind is one that is focus with clear goals. This person finds pleasure accomplishing and setting their goals. They find joy in watching people succeed. My mind keeps wondering, always jumping from post to post never accomplishing much. Sound familiar! Here’s a few tips to ensure you remain focused and positive.

1. Practice deep breathing exercises

2. Set your goals and speak them into the atmosphere

3. Pay attention to details many people miss this important component

4. As for help when you feel less focused

5. Take a stretch day clear your body and mind on the floor spending time stretching

These quick tips will help you keep a clear mind, and stay focus. The state of mind you have today will determine the events in your day.Have you every experienced someone entering the room and the atmosphere changes? I sure have. An angry negative person can destroy a beautiful moment. To diffuse the negative place your hand cover your heart and simple say “I’m sorry you seem upset.” In my experience soft tones causes some angry people to regain their focus. We have to remember that our minds are extraordinary and uniquely made. But, our attitudes change its state. When or mind is out-of-order we can expect confusion, disorientation, anxiety, frustration and even an increase in fatigue.

Mind exercises keep us focus, building foundations that are clearly define, setting realistic goals and having reasonable expectations will help reduces unclear stated goals. Build your state of mind on good foundations begin with a brick of positive attitudes. Beth Midler sang a song with the lyrics you have to smile a little laugh a little that is the story of Love. I love this song the Glory of Love it talks about daring to live. In order to fulfill this process one must understand their state of mind. Stay focus, and set your goals.  For you reflections listen to this Beth Midler classic.

Here’s a brain teaser to help your state of mind:

Place your answer in the comment section.

What can you hold without ever touching, or using your hands?

I’m Carolyn Coleman Grady



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