Harmony: Out of Sync, Balancing Lows and Highs

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Creating balance takes work its learning how to juggle multiple things at one time. I guess its like the balls that are tossed up in the air some of us watch them fall on the ground without an attempt to catch them and others work diligently to catch at least one of the balls. The only real way to create balance in our lives is to develop harmony as Ghandi states, “Happiness is what we think, say and do.” I would guess the opposite is an imbalance, not thinking saying are doing anything. Really the choice is ours. For example, we need our back to balance us upright, if our back gets out of alignment we have difficulty walking, and we risk falling too. It is the same way with out lives. When the weight begins to tip what does one do?

What happens when our balance scale tips? How to you handle an unexpected crisis be it a financial hit, crash of your online business, illness or loss? How do you recover when you’ve been given a diagnosis like Cancer? There are many variables that affect our balance. The harmony comes when we decide to think say and do something about our imbalances no matter what they may bring. Balancing our lives is not easy,but no one every said it was but, we must live. Take our online businesses, there are lows and highs. Most business owners have a tracking system that provides you with important data to track your leads and traffic on any give day. As we have all experienced there are months were the tracking system indicates lots of clicks and views, however, it also reveals low  days too. How do you respond to the low times?

Balancing our professional lives with our personal lives is challenging but, the reward is happiness. Take a moment and just reflect on the time when your life was so chaotic you laid your head on the table with closed eyes and shook your head? It seemed that all was over but then you recover look back and laugh it is the joy of the experiences that define who we are and what we are made of.  Thank a balance inventory and see if your scale has tipped.

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady


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