The Life of PI: Suffering that causes you to Triumph

The life of PI is a wonderful movie. The Movie shared a families tragedy loss, suffering and triumph. Watching this young man push through fear and focus on living was amazing. There were many scenes in this movie that suggested giving up. However, Pi was determined to reach his destination of safety. I can not image being shipwrecked on a small boat with a Tiger. It is pretty scary. Not knowing what to expect, or how to survive would leave many of us stranded and feeling very along. This Movie signified determination and hope. It is significant in that no matter how tough life gets our drive to continue and reach our destination out way all the obstacles that life presents.
Imagine no land in sight and a with 3 wild animals? What a hopeless scene. However, there is something inside of us all that promotes a willingness to beat the odds and live. Whether we are on land or sea circumstances can toss us to and fro like the waves of an ocean. As the movie progressed to what seemed like a lifetime, PI begin to show determination, and believe he and his new animal friends needed to work together to survive. Although PI was surrounded by sea water, he faced the risk of dehydration related to the salt in the ocean. Beaming sun, limited food and lack of guidance contributed to days of feeling hopeless. We have all experienced days when life seems very challenging we want to close the blinds and turn off the light. Then something comes along tosses us up to our feet and we move forward in life.
Well, if you’ve seen the movie, PI survived his journey, and the tiger was set free.  PI endured suffering, and it made him a better man, father and spouse. The question becomes. What motivates us to continue on in life? what takes us where we want to go? Whether it is someone or something, we must decide to take all the obstacles that hinder us from opportunity. At the end of the day, if you have done all you could, to make your life better, than you diffused all obstacles today. Make the best out of all situations, always remember that tomorrow brings about a new challenge and the better prepared your are, the easier the challenge becomes.
Robert Frost
The best way out is through.
This is just what PI did, he went through the suffering and came out a better man.
I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady

3 responses to “The Life of PI: Suffering that causes you to Triumph

  1. Great post, Carolyn. I loved the movie and the book of Life of PI as well. It is amazing what a person can do when they have to. Even though our everyday lives aren’t as dramatic as Pi’s (hopefully), we still need to make life-changing decisions. Thanks a lot for sharing your insight. Peace


    • Jeanne I agree you said not as dramatic but, I guess it depends on to whom we are speaking to like human trafficking, I would say this would be very dramatic and life-changing. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.


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