Luck of the Irish: What’s at the End of your pot?

Oh the luck of the Irish it surely is a sign of spring. Come hither and feel the love, smiles, laughter and fun. It is a great time to enjoy the Irish culture. I remember growing up, that green was the choice of color. If you did not have on green, be ready to get pinched. There was always one kid pinched all day. Looking back pinching is not fun it actually hurts. The girls would look diligently for a 4 leaf clover, we believed it was the lucky’s day in our lives. The one who found the leaf, became the talk of the neighborhood Oh, what an honor at least we thought. Move forward from kids picking 4 leaf clovers to who is St Patrick?

St Patrick was not an Irish, he became a Shepard and established his first church in Ireland 1700 years ago. In our day and time Ireland offers tours to see the site St Patrick established his church. The history of celebrations are important. It appears that St Patrick was a slave, kidnapped at the age of 17 by Irish Raiders. His father was a Deacon. He was born in Britain. Could you image being taken from your home town to an unknown place? separate from your family and familiar surroundings, it is pretty scary. Your identity stripped and life changes in a blink of an eye.

Who was St Patrick

Click the link above it will answer the question who was St Patrick? What interest me, is  like many of the disciples in the days of Jesus, St Patrick  heard the voice of God, and in his book as the video shares, changed his life. God instructed St Patrick to return to Ireland to minister. When acute changes develop in our lives, and there are no immediate interventions suddenly, something miraculous comes along and changes our lives, as a result we become better men and women. St Patrick had to endure as a slave, until  his freedom. This is a hard pill to swallow being enslaved. The question becomes what causes man to enslave another man? St Patrick picked up his mantle and begin ministering.

St Patrick’s day is on March 17, 2013 where decorative colors of green, hats, pubs and dancing will take place. Special edibles will be green too. Celebrating and having fun is great but, knowing the history is better. St Patrick a 17-year-old, was not interested in any religion. St Patrick’s whose dad was a Deacon eventually traveled his dad’s same path.  St Patrick died March 17, around 460AD (

Happy Saint Patrick’s day

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady


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