A Man who loses has nothing to lose


Have you considered that a man who has nothing has nothing to lose?  I guess if you speak to the man who has loss everything one would expect a pretty negative response. In the photo there are cracks in the ground, crooked steps which lead to nowhere, and the human image shows weakness, hopelessness, and perhaps disgusted. What an awful space for man. There are many twist and turns in life, and getting out of the store is not easy. Remember Dorothy from Wizard of Oz? She believed that no one understood her. Nothing in Dorothy’s life seemed to bring her joy, and like many of us running away became the answer. However, on her journey she meet others who also had challenges.

 Dorothy, Scarecrow, The Lion and Tin man believed once reaching Emerald,City all their dreams would come true. At least they thought. Just like the man in the first image we always find a challenge along the way. Dorothy dreamed of having something new on the other side. Have you every believed life would be better if only you had ( ?  ). Fill in the blank for yourselves.  Imagine wishing away things that affect our time and space? Well, if it were that simple, just close your eyes and click your heels when you awake, will you be home, are standing at the stairs of disgust? It is thought-provoking. How, does once walk up crooked stair.The question becomes if a man looses everything does he in fact loose? And, if he looses what is it that is lost? Here is one thought credibility, and dignity.

Losing ones credibility and dignity are great losses but, recoverable. To begin look at what went wrong. This will help to find how you got of track. Get into an action mode, do not attempt to straighten the crooked step, just put both feet forward and begin walking one crooked step at a time. Baby steps are good too. Be sure to cancel all pity parties because, usually these parties are long and tiring. Get organized in your mind then filter it out quickly. Dwelling on mistakes hinder your growth. A lack of willingness to move forward is also a hindrance. So, lets click those heels and walk proudly up the stairs, you will see things clearer. Now let’s get back to work

There are those uplifted hands cheering self on. It takes a positive word like “I Rock” to kick us into gear. Seeing through eye of clarity, will bring anything into focus and cut the clouds which shadow your thinking. RISE up and fight disgust and frustration, kick pity out the door and re-boot that old computer, and check your leads. Here is an interesting quote: Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. Dale Carnegie

What is great about rebuilding? Is a fresh new start with amazing ideas. Do not quit because you will not realize your greatest potential. Today I challenge you to take the crooked step one at a time towards the top. It’s the commitment, drive and reward. Emerald City is beautiful but, you never know what is really on the other side of the door unless confidence leads you.

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady



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