Averting your Attention to the facts

Averting your attention from floods of overwhelming insane thought patters and poor reasoning. What lies in the palm of your hands, daily thoughts and ideas but, then the gates open and an out pour of request come rushing in. Remember when you started network marketing, and how stumbling was a common occurrence? Oh, how frustrating. How do we avert our attention?

1. Re-focus

2. Avoid distractions

3. Be alert to undesirable occurrences

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” ~Unkown

Linking your thoughts to change, avert the rubbish that attempts to invade your idea’s and plan. If you could do one thing to change your journey what will it be? There are distractions all around us my question if we change our lives could it cause frustration and chaos? When you think about it change is not easy for many of us.

Accept the things we can not change and change those things we can. For example our mind-set, ideas and direction. We all have challenges in this area. Depending on  the circumstances.  We can become very stubborn in our thinking.  What we are really addressing is logic, reasoning and our thinking pattern. Have you met people whose logic, thinking patter and reasoning just drives you insane. Nothing every makes sense to them, they constantly challenge everything said, and create battles when questioned. I know a few of them, and reasoning is challenging. I consider them the Lost Thing.

Getting lost in the mist of unreasonable thinking should trigger you to avert put your eyes and ears to some positive messages. Discontinue the conversation and regain your thought process. There are no benefits in changing the mind-set of others. Spend quality growing in your niche. Keeping your mind clear of clutter and useless thoughts is important. Repeating the same thought process, logic and reasoning is insane if it does not produce results.

The goal is outcomes and results. Listening to people who are not resourceful, and have limited life experiences and refute everything said by you  averted. Rolling a rock up hill the same way everyday will get you to the same point ,each day. Change your strategies see you at the top.

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady


4 responses to “Averting your Attention to the facts

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    It’s always important to stay focused and also surround yourself with people that have the same ambitions and goals as you.


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