A Fancy New Path


Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman ~ Maya Angelou.

Men and woman experience difficulty in stepping into a brand new path, there is uncertainty and often times feelings of unsafe findings on the other side.  I say safety, because its our safe zone that often keeps us from making first steps on a different path. Remember in middle school, the first time you climbed the pool in PE? I never made it up, but I tried each time.

What situations in your life need changing? What obstacles hinder your ability to step out? The photo above is a real place near my home. This beautiful lake is a place to dream. I believe it is difficult to take steps on a new path, due to fear.   Embracing small changes, will cut anxious feelings. Do you every wish you could change something? A Lion Tamer walks into a cage never knowing what to expect. Well,  I know we are not Lion Tamer’s but, each day we walk out of our doors into this wild world, we should expect something different. One solution to fear, is to take down those hands from your head. image


Worrying is of no benefit for any one. It creates overwhelming feelings like anxiety, frustration and it will cause you to give up on your dreams. Right attitude brings positive results. No need to hang your head down.  Everyone has a calling find out right away who that is and to honor it ~Ophra Widfrey. We must inspire people to find their dreams and honor them.

Get happy and honor your dreams today

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady


2 responses to “A Fancy New Path

  1. Nice article, Carolyn. In order to grow we must let go of fear and step out of our comfort zone. It can be scary to venture out onto a new path, but sometimes we find the most wonderful things at the other end. Peace.


    • Thanks Jeanne Iha e to agree. I remember being so afraid to fly I missed out on our beautiful world.i managed to the big island of Hawaii to see my father-inlaw and I’m glade I did.


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