Equipped? You say?


Equipping but not equipped. The question becomes when does learning begin and end? There is many answers to this question. However, building a business takes knowledge. We succeed in enterprises which demand the positive qualities we possess, but we excel in those which can also make use of our defects.



Learning from our defects causes us to excel. It is like putting together a parachute, if you do not follow the proven directions expect to fall quickly. I could not image anyone skipping steps with this one. It would be quite devastating to say the least. But just like anything we do, instructions are part of the deal.  The key is whether we follow them. How does one take their shortcomings and change it into success? One way is to acknowledge shortcomings, and learn from them. No one wants to revisit the same imperfections twice. For example, defects like negative thinking, one will excel when positive thinking begins.

There are some physical defects that we can not control like disabilities but, even with these flaws we must find a way to embrace normalcy. Learning to live with physical challenges is tough, to excel we need to decide to live life to its full capacity with our limitation. Despite our disabilities, the Game is played. The challenge is in our minds, whether we win or loss. Which do you choose? Know that we are not less valued due to our imperfections however,  our limitations are self-imposed.

The game brings confidence, strength, and a winning attitude. To win in enterprise we must acknowledge our imperfections and use them to excel.

Win the game

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady


15 responses to “Equipped? You say?

  1. I like this post, Carolyn. It is true that we have to overcome our disabilities, or even use them somehow to benefit us. We have to learn to operate in a way that’s functional in order to thrive. Thanks for putting this together. I appreciate you. 😉


    • Thank you Pirya you are right the key get over our fears, it would be great if we could. Wonder what opportunities some are missing? Like me flying big issue for me. I miss so many beautiful states, countries the world. But, I learned baby steps fly to Hawaii and was happy. I’d love to get the cottage to visit Iteland. Thanks for your comment.


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