Destabilizing vs Stabilizing:Are you Sabotaging today?

The discovery of an opportunity can stabilize or destabilize your future.

I remember when I purchased a 60 gallon fish tank in preparation for salt water fish. I purchased various color rocks, and made a castle of the sea. I begin my search for colorful fish that would bring life to my tank. Here are the fish I picked for my tank. I was very excited after all a new project.

Beautiful colors, and quite expensive to maintain. One day the maid come and  she unplugged the tank. Eight hours later swimming upside down, dead fish. Oh boy, talking about destabilizing my tank, she had. This is similar to what we do in our own lives. We sabotage thus destabilize opportunities. We undermined and upset stability through our tunnel vision, and lack of understanding. Just like the fish tank the salt leaves and we become weaken. Many of us spend more time spinning our wheels on the same routine, missing out on important aspects of our lives. There is a saying we have heard before, “Practice makes perfect,” I really think this is a misnomer, practicing incorrectly for years means you have been doing it wrong for years too.

What triggers our anxiety when we have undermined our success? Things like putting opportunities off, saying. maybe next time, I call tomorrow, I will go tomorrow. This increases our risk for frustration, and guilt. Then we say, I should have or maybe if I had one more shot. Sabotage that is what happens. Something happens to us, and it upsets stability in our lives. Do you know that some people thrive off of chaos? They can not function any other way but through dysfunction. Steps to stabilize your situation.

1.There is no circumstance that can keep us from growing

2. Stress is apart of life, it is how we handle it that helps us grow

3. Accent the positive everyday

4. Find a healthy outlet that empowers you

5. Fight to survive anyway

6. Know that practice does not make perfect if you are practicing wrong anyway

7. It is okay to say “No” not today

8. Learn to relax

9. Smile more even if you can not identify a memory that creates laughter

10. Value yourself always

Listen to this Video you will Smile

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady



9 responses to “Destabilizing vs Stabilizing:Are you Sabotaging today?

  1. I’m a master (mistress?) of self-sabotage. It doesn’t make it any easier to avoid it even when I know I am doing it.
    Love no 6 – practice doen’t mean perfect if you practice wrong!


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