Blissful you say


I wanted to share this photo with you in hope of discussing how this image of beautiful swans affects you. I know that some will believe it brings what was and is to come, others may see it as painful memories of a love gone away. However, it affects you  share your thoughts. Relationships start off many times exciting, with an intent to last forever. But, as life would have it bliss soon fly out the window for some. This image reminds me of how young love lives in a world that was only made for them. This is great. The key is can you stay together when tough times visit your relationship, are you able to go through the fiery furnace together. Often times when tough times come couples pull the bailout card and love flies out the window.

Reality sets in and tears begin to flow. Here are a few tips to keep your relationship blissful.

1. Do not take each other so seriously

2. Learn to laugh with one another

3. Learn to have fun in the mist of struggles

4. Stay connected, limit sleeping in separate rooms it only creates disconnection

5. Remember there are no perfect relationships

Don’t take each other so seriously

My parents married at the age of 15. When I look at my sons at the age of 15 who would think they could marry and take care of a family. My parents recently celebrated their 61 wedding anniversary. They left a familiar home town and moved 1500 miles away.  Who would image the spark in their eyes once found long ago still exist. My parents have never taken each other seriously but, they believed in their love.

Learn to laugh with one another

Laughter heals the  heart its important to laugh with one another. Having fun together is important. I remember my dad would tell these funny jokes and my mom had this laughter of love. I’m sure she thought oh boy another joke but she showed support through her smile and laughter. It tickled my dads heart to hear my mom laugh. I believe laughter heals.

Learn to have fun in the mist of struggles

Life is full of twist and turns. It is important to learn not to sweat the small stuff. It is almost like an amusement ride you get on it goes up and down twist you all around but eventual stops. The funny thing is we get on again. Getting on with life is important. Is it difficult? of course but, we try again to make things right, and believe it or not, life seems to get better. So have fun, laugh and take a deep breath. Worrying does nothing but create chronic illnesses and it makes you look old.

Stay connected, limit sleeping in separate rooms it only creates disconnection

This is important, you and your mate can sleep on separate sides of  the bed but make a habit to stay in the fire together. I remember my mom and dad being upset with each other many times but, at night we’d see them go into the same room for all these years. When I asked my dad about this in my adult years, he simple said stay on your side of the bed your feet will eventually touch and it will all be okay. I smiled and it seemed all is well.

Remember there are no perfect relationships

We all come into our relationships with baggage, some of it good and some not so good. One may think oh boy I do not know what I have gotten myself  into. Here is what my spouse says, “Oh the first hundred years,” Well, it makes me laugh and I suddenly forget I mad. So what is the point you ask? Blissful relationships begin with the heart of the person in the relationship. Those  who are open, honest and respectful of one another seem to work on their relationships. Going into a relationship with the mindset of plan B is sure to fail. Work on yourself, do not try to change the person you love. Lead by example, and plan longevity.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady



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