Health Conscientious

I have thought hard and long on the issues of healthy living. As I stroll this journey, I have discovered that my mind needed renewing. My body is a temple. When I image a temple, it is a holy place. The question becomes, why have I been dumping all things inside my temple. I never answer the question. However, it continues to tug at my  soul. So, I must concede. My living can  not be in vain, so what I decided to do, is explore what causes me to overeat, and choose foods that create pounds. Pounds that create sickness and decease.

In order to understand my short comings,  I had to admit there are short comings and I have fall short in one area or another. For me its weight issues. In 2015, I started a journey called, My Healthy Journey. It begin with seeing that I was indeed obese and needed to do something. As I glanced at myself in the mirror, instead of seeing something disgusting, I saw someone in search of help. Help to break trough the layers and layers of bad habits.  Once you discover the problem, and decide to face it head on, new discoveries rise up, and it is a new day. Oh happy day.

One of my discoveries, was, trigger eating. Every time I became anxious or overwhelmed my mouth opened and the junk flowed inward without problems. It was comfort foods. I had to find another way to  meet the challenges of feeling overwhelmed. If I were angry, food, celebrating food, everything surrounded food. I was consumed. I thought what a big fat mess. Examining ones self is challenging, but it breaks the chains of bondage. My chains dragged me down for many years. I can admit, I have tried many methods with both failure and success. However, if my thinking does not change my results will be temporal. I  don’t know about you, but I need a forever lasting method.

Healthy living is fun, my love of food has me searching for health recipes. I discovered for the first time spaghetti squash. I never knew how tasty these yellow strings were. I played around with different methods of cooking, like the oven, and then a nutritionist shared with me wrap them in foil and slowed cook them in the crock pot. Oh boy, how delicious. I seasoned, placed salsa on top used a little parmesan cheese, and I have not stopped cooking this spaghetti squash. This is just one discovery. There are many. As I stated above, my journey started in 2015, I have lost 85 pounds. I am extremely please. I have discovered that my thinking must be renewed daily.  I have decided to make a lifestyle change in the area of health.

Your comments are greatly appreciate. Share with me recommendations, recipes and encouragement.

#healthyliving, #healthyjourney #weightloss


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